OneDrive For Windows Phone Updated, Supports Multiple Accounts

If there is one Microsoft app that was due some big updates, it was OneDrive for Windows Phone. Luckily, the company has just rolled one out for the popular cloud storage service.

And this refresh brings along a number of welcome new features to the platform for the first time.

Starting with a big one — support for multiple Microsoft accounts via OneDrive. In a perfect world this should have been implemented from the start, but anyway, the application now stores the details of the accounts within, making it easier to access and switch between them later.

Redmond has also added in support for PIN codes, which it says helps prevent other people that use a device from accidently accessing, changing or deleting files.

Users also get the ability to create, view and share albums from within the application.

Microsoft explains this as:

“You can create an album using pictures and videos from anywhere in your OneDrive. And, when you or people who share them with view them, it’s a much better experience: your photos stand front and center, thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage.”

So basically, albums are different from traditional folders, and creating them from within OneDrive for Windows Phone will simply make management a whole lot easier for users.

Hopefully many of these features also transition to the Windows OneDrive client.

That is another Microsoft app that is due some big updates!

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