The OneDrive Name Is Already In Use, More Legal Trouble For Microsoft?

report reveals, OneDrive is already being used by several businesses around the world. These include a motor parts manufacturer with strong ties with KFC in Malaysia, and an Australian maker of bolts that goes by the name Zipbolt — both are using the OneDrive designation commercially. And that’s not all, folks! That’s just the half of it. A car rental business run by AVIS is also using the OneDrive name, as is a car parts distributer somewhere in Portugal. As you can see, it’s a pretty mixed bag over here. Now whether this comes back to create more legal troubles for Microsoft, remains to be seen. Sure, the OneDrive name is still in preview, and is gradually being rolled out, with Redmond yet to make the full a final transition to this name. But this might be something that the company needs to consider, and keep an eye on, before it makes the final call. Or it just may be that it is comfortable with the legal aspects of using this name. Either way, let’s hope Microsoft knows what it is doing here.]]>

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