OneDrive Now Supports Files Over 10GB, Faster Syncs

confirmed this increase on the official OneDrive blog, saying that this new feature is currently rolling out to users worldwide, and might take a little while before it is available for all:

“We recognized that people not only have more files than they did before, but they have bigger files as well. This is a top feature request we’ve received and we’re excited to deliver it!”
Large file support is also set to be enabled for OneDrive business customers in the very near future. A few other improvements are also in — including faster syncing speeds via parallel syncing. Microsoft claims that users can now experience up to a threefold increase when transferring files. But that’s not all, folks. It is now possible to share files straight from Windows Explorer. You can simply go to the OneDrive folder on your device, right-click on a file and choose the “Share a OneDrive link” option to create a sharing link that is automatically copied to the Clipboard. And finally, folder uploads are now a reality, too. Users can upload large directories directly via the website, without the need to individually select one file at a time.]]>

Written by David Blair


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