OneDrive Version History Comes To Windows 10


The OneDrive train keeps chugging along! And This time around, it has brought along a whole load of improvements for the cloud file storage service, particularly on the desktop side of things.

Windows 10 and even macOS users are in for a treat.

Microsoft published its monthly roadmap roundup for the month of April, outlining the host of new features that have become part of the OneDrive platform. These include sensitivity labels, the ability to view the history of a file right from the desktop, as well as an option to delete locked files.

Let’s get right down to the version history feature, though, since this has long been the public demand from Windows 10 users.

OneDrive Version History

It is simply the ability to view, restore, or delete previous versions of a file directly from the desktop via File Explorer or Finder. All you need is a OneDrive account that is configured with your OS, and you can view and use the previous version of a file stored in the cloud.

Without, you know, the need for loading OneDrive in your web browser.

Major time saver, this!

This is what Microsoft said when it announced the feature for all OneDrive accounts, back in 2017:

“Version history is compatible with all file types, so you no longer need to worry about your PDFs, CAD files or even your photos and videos getting accidentally edited—you’ll always be able to restore or download a previous version. OneDrive will keep an older version of your files for 30 days. Expanded version history support has started rolling out and will be available to everyone this summer.”

And this expansion of the feature on Windows 10 means that the whole thing can now be performed right on the desktop, simply by right-clicking a file that you have stored in the cloud.

For personal accounts, OneDrive only stores the last 25 versions of each file, while this depends on the library configuration for school or work accounts. Also, the files you removed are only saved for 30 more days, after which they are gone once and for all.

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