Only 10% Of Enterprises Want To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 is a either a disaster, or a triumph, depending on who you ask. While admirers of Microsoft’s newest operating system never fail to mention the new features and improvements it brings, statistics do reveal a slow uptake of the new OS.

And one area where Windows 8 remains somewhat unattractive product is enterprises.

In fact, convincing users to upgrade to Windows 8 remains Microsoft’s biggest challenge these days, this side of persuading consumers to upgrade from Windows XP ahead of its support end date.

The reason why Redmond has it tough is because almost everyone is extremely satisfied with the way Windows 7 works.

The folks over at Computing have published a new survey, and it shows some drastic numbers. Enterprise interest in Windows 8, at least for now, remains low. Only 10 percent of enterprises survey in the United Kingdom confirmed their plans to upgrade to the new OS.

Only 9.6 percent of the respondents that plan to make the switch to Windows 8 believe Microsoft’s operating system is the reason behind their upgrade. 67 percent cited old equipment.

Windows XP is a hot topic these days, as the old operating system nears its end. And while the old OS remains ever popular, 12.3 percent revealed that its end of support in April 2014 is indeed a concern.

Yup, you heard that right — indeed a concern.

What route the enterprise market takes overall could turn out be an interesting little scenario. Microsoft would be hoping most to make the switch to its latest operating system, but signs point towards some businesses upgrading to Window 7.

Still, better than Windows XP, eh?

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