Oodles And Oodles Of Windows 10 Updates To Launch This Week

Make room! As is typically the case with Microsoft, the company is gearing up to launch a whole bunch of Windows 10 updates as part of its Patch Tuesday cycle of release.

Of course, some neat little refreshes will also be reserved for other versions of the OS.

And other software products that carry the Microsoft logo.

But Windows 10 users should most look forward to the cumulative updates that the software titan will release sometimes after tomorrow, as they will include the security fixes that address vulnerabilities in the operating system, as well as the preinstalled apps.

Not to mention, they will bring your installation of Windows 10 completely up to date — as cumulative updates always do.

Speaking of installation, Redmond has been hitting it out the park lately when it comes to deployment reliability. Users were hit with failed installs quite regularly during the early days of Windows 10, but the experience has been greatly refined this year.

There have been no big reports of interrupted installs, systems being pushed in an infinite loop, and all that scary stuff lately.

Nevertheless, IT administrators should still start preparing the computers in their environments for the deployment of these new cumulative updates, as most of them require system reboots to complete the update process.

Meaning, work will need to be saved on these Windows 10 systems, before proceeding with the installation. Though, the company does also provide manual download links for these patches for users.

We’ll have full details of the cumulative updates, and what they bring, tomorrow.

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