Oops! Some Microsoft Stores Have Even Sold Reserved Surface Pros

Surface Pro tablets launched on a fine Saturday morning (well, at least in most parts of North America), but these sleek slabs of fun quickly ran out of stock at several Microsoft Stores.

Many potential buyers were forced to leave empty handed — never a good sight.

But it appears that some Microsoft Stores ran out of these tablets so quickly that they even sold the reserved units. Meaning even those that preordered the Surface Pro were unable to grab one.

David Kelly Farmer, one such affected buyer took the issue to Twitter, where he said that Microsoft had not even informed him about his reserved tablet being sold:

“@Microsoft nice of your South Park store to sell my reserved machine, never called or emailed”.

One thing you can count on that this new resurgent Microsoft will do is respond super-fast. In this case they quickly replied to the message and asked Farmer to contact the company to get his own Surface Pro. All well that ends well, they say.

The interesting thing here is that he is not the only one who had to go through this ordeal. A few other buyers also seem to be affected by this issue.

Surely the store managers may have received the memo by now, but I’d pretty much file this under mismanagement from the staff, nothing severe.

High-profile product launches like these are always hectic. More so when you consider this is Microsoft’s most popular hardware item and with such a limited preorder plan in place things like this can happen.

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