Here are some open box pictures of the Surface Pro 2 tablet

So I wanted to share some early open box pictures of the Surface Pro 2 tablet with you.

I got the device with the light blue type cover and I have to say it feels and looks great. In addition, the processor is frikkin quick so that’s good to see.

I’ll do a thorough review in a couple of days after I have had a chance to take it for a test run in the real world.

Last year I did a review of the first generation Surface and put it through it’s paces a bit. I took the tablet to the BUILD conference and had a chance to use it on a plane etc..

I don’t think this unit will get that much of a workout but I can already say that Windows 8.1 is much (MUCH) better on a tablet than on a desktop.

Stay tuned for more.

Anyway, here are some images of the Surface Pro 2 tablet and blue type cover.

P.S. Yes that’s the Surface Tablet next to my 15.4 inch MacBook Pro Retina just for comparison.


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