Orange Claims Windows 8 Will Take Off This Year

Several industry experts and company leads have expressed their opinion on the new OS towards the end of last year, with opinions ranging from hopeful to downright discouraging, which is unsurprising, given how much of a radical change Windows 8 is from earlier versions of the OS.

But officials from the French telecom giant Orange believe that good times are about to roll in for Windows 8 in the coming months. In fact, the company has termed Microsoft’s latest is a game changer.

Danièle Cohen, the director of Convergent Devices over at Orange was speaking about Windows Phone 8 and what chances it stood against the likes of Apple iOS and Google Android.

The chances are good, if we go by what the carroty company believes.

In an interview with Light Reading, Cohen said the new OS has a strong chance to impress in the desktop sector. Just that it will take a few extra months:

“On the PC it is definitely a game-changer. It provides an experience that is much closer to that on phones and tablets, with the touch-screen capabilities. Windows 8 [including Windows Phone 8] offers a consistent experience across a number of devices — the smartphone, tablet, PC and Xbox.”

While it is plain evident that Microsoft wanted to create a synergy between the various devices and platforms, the market numbers point to a steep climb for Windows 8.

A large part of the slow sales is undoubtedly the lackluster PC market, which has gone into an extended slump. Analysts are predicting a recovery sometimes during mid-2013 — a point which most industry experts are predicting will decide whether Windows 8 either flies or dies.

Let’s hope it is the former. Windows 8 may not be doing everything right, but it is, nevertheless, doing something different — on all platforms.

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