Original Halo Launches On PC


Surprise! The original Halo game is now available on PC. Or rather, the remake of Halo: Combat Evolved that has been remastered with 4K support for modern Windows computers.

Basically, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been expanded to include the original game.

Meaning, you can finally play the original campaign the way it was meant to be played — with enhanced features that are absent on the consoles, like support for high frame rates, up to 4K resolution, ultrawide monitors, FOV adjustments, keyboard and mouse controls remapping, and more.

Warm yourself up by watching this video announcing the launch:

This is second piece of the Master Chief Collection puzzle, which is expected to see the remaining titles added to it in due time. It is the 2011 remake or the original Halo from 2001, and the title also supports the ability to switch between the original and updated graphics and audio.

While playing.

Developer 343 Industries actually concluded its most recent Insider test for this title just last week, and it has not taken Master Chief long to spring into action for gamers.

The game has modest system requirements, and runs on Windows 7 and up.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection owners across Steam and Microsoft Store should see this title added to their libraries. It is also available as a standalone purchase on these two platforms for $9.99. Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers also have access to it, as well.

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