Outlook 2013 RT Preview Arrives For Windows 8.1

As promised, Windows 8.1 Preview brought with it a preview version of Outlook 2013 RT, a version of the popular email client custom designed for Microsoft’s tablet oriented operating system.

The app is installed automatically on Windows RT devices once they upgrade to Windows RT 8.1 Preview, with a shortcut placed on the taskbar. Outlook 2013 RT currently only runs in the desktop mode — no Metro support is available for now.

More importantly however, this test drive version of Outlook 2013 RT lacks several important features.

Examples of features that are missing in action include things like Microsoft Exchange DLP policy, site mailboxes, along with Online Archives and Personal Archive mailboxes. Also the app does not run macros, add-ons and other custom programs for security reasons.

It also does not allow users to set IRM on new email messages. Plus integration between the app and Lync is also not available.

The enterprise side of thing is neglected — this app is clearly aimed at end users for the time being, and the majority of users should be okay with it in its current state. And there is a distinct possibility that most of the missing features could be implemented in the final version or even a later date.

Microsoft has shared complete details of what is in, and what is not, in a blog post on the Office IT Pro Blog, where the company also clarifies enterprise licensing for Office 2013 RT as it pertains to Windows RT and Windows RT 8.1 Preview.

Nevertheless, even though the current version of the app is just a preview, it is quite stable and with some more polish in the final version, it should be ready and raring for everyday use.

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