Over 540,000 Students And Teachers Use Windows 8 In The US, Says Microsoft

When it comes to Windows 8 businesses and home consumers are the immediate target of Microsoft. But that does not mean the company is not paying its due attention to other market segments like government and education.

In fact, education has been the primary focus of Redmond for a while now — not just for Windows 8 but also other services like Office 365. And the efforts are paying off.

The company announced today that as of right now, more than 540,000 students and teachers in educational institutes have been using Windows 8 based systems in their education programs. The figure includes grades K-12 as well as higher education.

Microsoft shared the details in a press release, saying:

“The adult education and online learning company supports 324,000 students and 25,500 employees worldwide and are building out a standard desktop image, including Office 2013, and making it available to developers and testers in anticipation of a larger rollout in the near future.

The most common reason for testing Windows 8 will be the proliferation of touch-based devices and shift to a more mobile workforce, coupled with the increased demand for work-life combination devices.”

Redmond detailed how students across the length and breadth of the United States are using Windows 8 on virtual desktops or on devices like Dell Latitude 10 tablets with its new operating system installed.

Seemingly, Windows 8 with its modern Metro user interface comes with a neat pick and play for kids who find the clutter free UI easy to use. In fact, education is one sector where touch really works, and more and more educational software is now designed with touch interaction.

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