Over 7800 apps in the Windows Store today

As of today, there are 7,873 Windows Store apps available worldwide. Of these, 88% (6,964) are free – mirroring the percentages first seen much earlier this month. The number of apps added per day has been rather significant, and includes 459 apps worldwide that have been added since I polled yesterday. Almost all applications are available in both x86 and x64 architectures. Only two apps appear to solely target Windows RT (ARM), 31 target only Windows 8 x64 and don’t have Windows 8 x86 or Windows RT  support. Not bad at all. Windows 8 will be released with about 8000 apps. I will be interested to see how many apps are available in January of 2013. That will be the really pertinent and interesting stat. Source: WindowsAppUpdate]]>

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