Paint, WordPad Relegated To Optional Feature Status

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Oh dear! Heavens to bitsy! Two of the fan favorite apps look like they have reached the end of the road. Microsoft is relegating Paint and WordPad to optional feature status in Windows 10.

What this basically means is that both these apps will be uninstall able in a future release of the OS.

Likely 20H1.

Indeed, the build 18963 that was recently flighted to the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program had both Paint and WordPad in the list of optional features. They joined the ranks of other hallmark Windows programs of yore like Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

I am getting old!

You may recall the rage that the company was greeted with when it announced plans to remove the classic Paint app from its operating system. The public furor led to Microsoft scrapping the idea, and confirming that the application was not going anywhere anytime soon.

Indeed, the software titan said that it planned to keep the app alive by making it available through the Microsoft Store.

But while Redmond did stick to its promise of including the classic Paint application in the May 2019 Update for Windows 10, it is clear that it has not entirely given up on the idea of migrating users to the newfangled Paint 3D app for their image editing needs.

Of course, the thing about optional features is that they can always be reinstalled.

And while we can be sure that Paint and WordPad will live on a little while longer, the two applications will not be receiving new features anytime soon.

End of the road.

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