Panasonic Unveils 20-inch Windows 8 Tablet with Impressive 4K Resolution

Panasonic’s impressive “4K resolution” 20-inch Windows 8 tablet.

Panasonic isn’t exactly a name that comes to mind when you think of high-powered super tablets. Despite that, Panasonic has just pulled out all the stops and demoed a very exciting new Windows 8 tablet with a 20-inch form factor.

I know, we’ve seen 20-inch Windows 8 tablets before, what makes this special? This tablet happends to sport a 4K resolution, which according to Engadget makes the the images on the tablet appear just “like a photo” in person.

The tablet is said to have great viewing angles, a touchscreen display and a stylus. There isn’t many details about the actual specs in there, though you can probably bet it is at the very least a Core i5.

Keep in mind, Panasonic did show off a similar high-resolution tablet last year and yet there is still no commercially available 4K Windows 8 20-incher, so don’t get too excited. Even if it does manage to come out commercially sometime this year, you can expect its price tag to be outrageously high.

Still, you have to admit that this thing looks pretty awesome. What do you think, any practical reasons to have an all-in-one/tablet with a 4K resolution, stylus and touchscreen baked in or not?

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