Panos Panay Is The New Windows Boss

February 6, 2020
Panos Panay

Power move! Surface chief Panos Panay is now the new Windows boss at Microsoft, and will lead both the hardware and software side of things for the company’s operating platform.

Mary Jo Foley has the details of this latest reorganization at the Redmond giant, where this big and important change will take place on February 25.

It will see Windows Experience and hardware bundled into one unit, with Chief Product Office and Surface lead Panos Panay as the head. Currently, the Windows Experience unit is led by CVP Joe Belfiore who has been running things for almost two years now since the stepping down of Terry Myerson.

Belfiore will move to the Office Experience Group.

This new unit will be called Windows + Devices, and in an internal memo sent to this group, Panay highlighted some of the long-term priorities of the team:

“We believe this will make the Windows Client experience better for the entire PC ecosystem. Designing hardware and software together will enable us to do a better job on our long term Windows bets (dual screen, silicon diversity, connectivity, app platform, etc.) and having a single point of Windows Client Experience leadership driving consistent priorities and resourcing across all of Windows client will help all of us accelerate innovation and improve execution.”


While the move itself is interesting, what triggered it is even more fascinating. According to the rumor mill, Panos Panay was considering leaving Microsoft, and even joining Apple, of all companies.

Nevertheless, it comes at an important time for the company.

2020 is a marquee year for Microsoft in terms of products, as the technology titan is not only projected to launch its first Android phone and usher in the age of dual-screen devices, it will also be consolidating work on Windows 10, cloud gaming, and unleash a new platform in the form of Windows 10X.

Your take on this?

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