Panos Panay Shows Off The Surface Duo On Instagram

A sign? By some counts, Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Duo in the coming weeks. And Panos Panay is here with another hint that that the device is just around the corner.

The Chief Product Office at the Redmond based company, and the man who put the Surface lineup on the map, shared a photo on Instagram showing how his family spent Father’s Day. And well, let’s just say that the Duo also showed up in the picture — as a very welcome teaser.

The photo probably was taken with the Surface Duo too, seeing as dual displays are being reflected in everyone’s eyes.


Panos Panay Family Surface Duo

Such a heart-warming photo!

Speaking of heart-warming developments, word on the street is that Microsoft wants to launch the Surface Duo before Samsung is here with the new Galaxy Fold in August. If this speculation holds true, then it means that we are only a few weeks away from when Microsoft unveils its first Android device.

And that too, a foldable smartphone.

Who’d have thought!

Redmond originally announced the Surface Duo in late 2019, promising that the handset would go on sale by the holiday season this year. But due to recent developments concerning Windows 10X, the company decided to bring the device to market earlier than anticipated.

Early as it may be, the Duo still has taken too much time in the oven for some. And that’s got to do with the internal circuitry that it supposedly comes with. Snapdragon 855 and 6GB of RAM with Android 10 are hardly table-topping specifications.

Especially, as the Surface Duo is unlikely to be an affordable device.

How it fares on the market remains to be seen.

But until that happens, we’ll enjoy these warm and fuzzy little teases from Panos Panay himself.

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