Parallels Desktop 18 can install Windows 11 in just one click

August 9, 2022

Virtualization is hot stuff these days. And virtualization software keeps improving by leaps and bounds. Parallels Desktop 18 is here as the latest generation of Parallels Desktop by Parallels.

If those are too many parallels for you, wait until you hear what’s new!

This program allows you to run Windows or another operating system inside macOS, making it indispensable for Mac users who want to experience the other side. Want to run a Windows-exclusive game or program? This is what you need.

Version 18 is now available and comes with several notable improvements and new features, including easier installation of Windows 11 and gaming enhancements.

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Things start with the ability to download, install, and configure Windows 11 with a single click. It can also download a free set of Linux distros that are ready for use, making installing an alternative operating system a breeze.

The latest version also massively improves gaming, allowing users to pair a compatible DualShock or Xbox controller to their Macs and start playing. Performance improvements also result in higher FPS and a smoother Windows 11 UI.

Speaking of performance, Parallels Desktop 18 also comes with optimization and performance improvements on Apple Silicon devices, especially on M1 Ultra. This delivers an impressive 96% faster speed in Windows 11 compared to the previous release.

Improved USB 3.0 support provides access to streaming devices such as Elgato HD60, Startech USB 3.0 Video Capture, and others.

Also improved are x86 applications running in Windows 11 on ARM, which now benefit from better compatibility and performance. This is doubly true when saving and reading files from the Mac disk.

Other improvements in Parallels Desktop 18 include support for Apple’s ProMotion displays, networking features like custom network conditions, network isolation, and network boot on Linux. There are also improvements for the upcoming macOS Ventura.

Do note that some of these improvements are only available in Parallels Desktop 18 Pro or Business Edition.

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