Patch Tuesday Bug Downs Windows Store On Some RT Devices

Microsoft joined the tablet game with Surface RT, but apparently the ride has been anything but smooth. The company still has a lot to learn when it comes to nasty bugs and ugly errors that have ravaged the slates these past few months.

We have covered a lot of these problems here on the site over the months, from Wi-Fi issues to hardware glitches. Admittedly, some are not as easy to fix and take a while to completely iron out.

While a fault in the most recent Patch Tuesday update broke down the Windows Update tool itself on a number of Windows RT devices a few days back, that was not the end of the misadventure it seems. Another one has been spotted today.

Plenty of users are now complaining that Windows Store does not load at all after applying the latest patches delivered by Microsoft. As one used noted in a post on Microsoft Support forums:

“I have a Surface RT that worked like a charm until the last Patch Tuesday updates. After applying all updates delivered to my tablet, I can’t download Store apps and sometimes the Store doesn’t even launch at all.”

It is not yet clear whether both issues are related, and while Microsoft is yet to provide many details on this newest bug it confirmed that engineers are looking into the matter.

While it can be ascertained that Microsoft may most definitely be hard at work to fix all of them, the frequency at which new errors continue popping is alarming nevertheless.

In particular breakdowns that occur due to faulty updates. Ouch!

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