Patch Tuesday Said To Fix Surface Pro Overheating Problem

Finally some positive development! Yesterday’s Patch Tuesday was said to bring about several improvements for Surface tablet owners, and while reports are trickling in all that is fixed (and all that is not) the overheating issues seem to have been squashed.

Aside from trying to fix bugs, the latest Patch Tuesday updates also offer plenty of improvement and enhancements, the most notable being the Windows To Go feature.

But the overheating problem that has plagued the Surface Pro tablets reportedly seems to be fixed. Several users have confirmed on the official Microsoft forums that after applying the latest updates, the temperate of their device dropped, along with increased stability:

“With the new firmware update, I haven’t seen any FPS drops in Dota 2 or Tomb Raider. My max processor state is set to 100%. Count me impressed, Microsoft.”

Impressed, indeed! Then again this issue is probably much easier to fix than the Wi-Fi bug. Another user seems to confirm the overheating issues are kaput:

“It looks like the ‘surprise’ firmware update released yesterday (3/12) seems to have changed the behavior of the delivered GPU power (watts) and also how it handles clock speed in a much more dynamic fashion compared to before.

After testing between yesterday and today we are very pleased with the performance delivery. Seems the load is spread much more evenly when both the CPU / GPU are stressed under full load (pretty even 4/6, 5/5 split of the 10w).”

Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on this, but this is some very encouraging news, and seems like the company has moved in fast to take care of this issue.

The Wi-Fi connectivity bug, on the other hand, still seems to linger on, even after applying the patches. Redmond probably will have to release a new set of fixes to resolve this annoying problem in the near future. Fingers crossed, it can manage it soon.

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