Patent Application Shows Nokia Was Working On A Tablet Design In 2011

The mobile phone maker hailing from Finland has found quite some audience with its Lumia lineup of smartphones running various versions of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

So much are Windows Phone7 and 8 users in love with their devices that most have been clamoring to see what Nokia cooks up on the tablet front, even though a variety of Windows based slates are already available in the market.

As far as Nokia is concerned, the company has confirmed nothing as of right now, other than the fact that it was interested in the tablet segment of the hardware market and was watching it closely. But it did not offer any specifics on when or what we may be in for when it comes to a Nokia branded slate.

However, a patent application dated all the way back to October 2011 shows that Nokia was interested in building a mechanical keyboard (a cover of sorts) that could be integrated into a tablet device.

More importantly it could fold in multiple ways, depending on user’s preference.

The folks over at UnwiredView note that such a device may yet make an arrival as part of the company’s Lumia lineup, saying that a Nokia tablet like this could be powered by either Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Standard stuff, yes, but interesting, nevertheless.

Now just give us an expected release date and we’ll be all set. Businesses and enterprises would eat up a combination of a Lumia smartphone paired with a Lumia tablet, considering the business orientation and security such devices would offer.

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