Paul Thurrott asks a good question

Renowned tech reporter asks a really good question on his site and I thought I would throw this out to you guys.

In the interest of stirring up trouble to no good end, I present a fairly obvious and uninspiring idea for how the desktop should look in Windows 8. That is, yes, please, give us a full-screen Metro-style Start screen with its full-screen apps, and make that the default on tablets and other small devices. But why can’t the Windows desktop really be “no compromises” for those of us with big screens and powerful desktop PCs? That is, why can’t we run traditional Windows applications and Metro-style apps, but in this environment as floating windows, side by side?

It’s a great question.

There are lots of third party apps for Windows that have Metro like interfaces running within the traditional Windows desktop environment. Why can’t Microsoft add sprinkles of Metro to the traditional desktop so we have the best of both worlds?

What do you think?

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