PC Components Industry Expected To See A 50 Percent Increase Later This Year

Contrary to what others would like you to believe, the Windows operating system depends as much on the hardware industry as the industry does on Microsoft’s platform.

It may not have been the case a couple of decades back, but the enormous user base of PCs running various versions of Windows means both the fortunes of both are influenced by each other. It was not too surprising then, to see hardware vendors pinning their hopes on Windows 8.

Well the launch came and went last year, and since then things have been lackluster on a few fronts. Windows 8 sales and adaption is slow, but PC shipments have been (arguably) slower.

All that is set to change in the next few months, it appears.

Analysts keep harping about how week sales of PCs have been getting for a fair while now. But a new report paints a much brighter picture.

Sources cited by DigiTimes claim to believe that PC component market is set to experience a growth of at least 20 percent in the second half of 2013 — a figure that may well increase to as much as 50 percent, if everything falls into place.

Intel is said to launch the Haswell line of CPUs by then. Both NVIDIA and AMD will also bring out some new graphics products, and in the case of the latter, new APUs that will find place on laptops as well as some desktop computers.

Market watchers also expect Windows 8 business to pick up by then, with Microsoft launching some new promotions and discounts ahead of the debut of Windows Blue.

Judging by the decline state the PC industry (if not the mobile and tablet sector) is in, the middle of the year can’t come soon enough.

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