PC Makers Keeping Their Windows Blue Designs Away From Microsoft

Companies and corporations have a lot in common with persons and people. They have their secrets and most would like to keep them close. Something similar is at play on the Windows Blue front.

Development is fast underway at Microsoft on Windows Blue, and the company is now collaborating with several hardware partners to ensure that their upcoming devices will be able to make the most out of the upcoming iteration of the operating system.

But reportedly some manufacturers are afraid to show their designs to Microsoft, believing that the technology titan could steal their ideas and implement them on future Surface tablets.

Hard to believe, yeah? Thought so!

Nevertheless, a story over at DigiTimes seems to suggest just that. According to sources from the upstream supply chain, the report claims that brand vendors are wary of Microsoft’s efforts in the hardware field and cautious when it comes to laying bare their hardware plans.

In fact, most believe that Redmond is fast becoming a real competitor for some of its partners, and many would like to wait before showing them Microsoft their designs for the new devices running Windows Blue or even Windows 9.

Oh well, no one ever said the technology industry was dull and boring.

Regardless, while Microsoft is most definitely working on updated versions of its Surface tablets, the company is slowly expanding the retail availability of its current Surface tablets, and is even opening up online stores for ordering the devices in various countries.

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