PC Vendors Planning To Increase Focus On Wearable Computing

August 1, 2013

Mobile was long hyped up as a bold new frontier for computing. While some companies understood this early and ran away with success others realized this too late into the game and are now on the back foot with declining sales and decreasing shipment numbers.

Now with wearable computing touted as the new direction, PC makers now want to be in early.

Speaking of which, while several large technology giants (including Microsoft) are said to be actively looking into wearable IT solutions, Google Glass is the first wearable display concept that has truly gained notable traction in the past few months.

This is despite the fact that there are already some wearable computing devices, a few augmented reality glasses on sale from smaller vendors.

But so highly competitive is the technology industry that a bona fide success of even one device can really turn the tables around, and PC makers do not want the initiative to slip by this time around.

According to a new report, most PC brand vendors and OEMs have set up dedicated research and development teams for this — meaning companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Epson and HTC will have a lot of competition soon.

Interestingly, PC makers are interested in any and all forms of wearable technology, not just glasses. So don’t be surprised if you find smartwatches, belts, clothing accessories and more flooding the market in the near future.

Asus, however, is one company that is said to take things slow. The reason being its R&D budget is a bit tight at the moment. But all others are ready to jump headfirst into this rapidly developing field.

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