PCMark Is Fully Compatible With Windows 10

PCMark Is Now Fully Compatible With Windows 10


Now, this is news that will please the purest of geeks and the trust of technology enthusiasts! Futuremark has just announced that PCMark 8 Professional Edition is now fully compatible with Windows 10.

PCMark 8 was made available in May by Futuremark, the makers of the popular 3DMark suite of benchmarking applications.

Not only is this new version now certified for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, it also implements some new features for testing OpenCL — the Open Computing Language framework used by the graphics card to do general purpose processing.

Five different benchmark tests are included, and the benchmarking application supports Internet Explorer 11, meaning it is now even easier for users to test their new computers. Detailed hardware monitoring graphs are also part of v1.1.111.

However, the company warns that:

“If your system has an older version of PCMark 8 installed, you should manually uninstall it using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel before installing this update. You should also manually uninstall SystemInfo.”

This updated release also brings in a bunch of new improvements. These include updates for the SystemInfo scan, which the company claims is now around 50 percent faster. Also in are the new progress windows that display the estimated time for each test.

Sadly, only the PCMark 8 Professional Edition is available right now — the Advanced and Basic Editions are slated for release at a later date, meaning there is no such thing as a trial version.

But a downloadable package is promised soon, and you can expect to hear about it once it is available.

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