PCPro’s list of requested Windows 8 improvements – Blu-Ray upgrade for media center

PCPro the UK website just put out a fantastic list of their suggestions for improvements that Microsoft could make for Windows 8.

Here are the ones I agree with:

Blu-Ray upgrade for media center

Blu-ray drives are a cheap upgrade option for media-centre PCs, but as you’ll have discovered if you’ve attempted to go down this route, the hardware isn’t the only cost.

Windows 7 doesn’t play Blu-ray discs natively, so if your drive didn’t come with any software bundled you’ll have to pay for a third-party application. Trouble is, the only applications available are expensive (starting at £46 inc VAT), and don’t integrate seamlessly with the Media Center UI.

And working out what to buy in the first place can be confusing. In Windows 8, we don’t mind paying extra for Blu-ray playback, but we want it transparent and reasonably priced.

Umm speak for yourselves. I mind paying more.

Windows 8 needs to have Blu-Ray support added to Media Center at no cost. Blu-Ray is a new standard, it’s not rocket science to have that thrown in for free…

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