PCPro’s list of requested Windows 8 improvements – Virtualization

PCPro the UK website just put out a fantastic list of their suggestions for improvements that Microsoft could make for Windows 8.

Here are some of the ones I agree with:

Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate support a virtual Windows XP environment, in the form of the imaginatively named XP Mode. But there’s definitely scope to take the idea further.

For those who want to try out other operating environments, starting with a “bare” virtual machine could be far more convenient than repartitioning your hard disk and managing a multiboot system.

Even better, Windows could maintain a virtual clone of your machine that you could use to test out unknown software without messing up important settings, losing data or falling prey to malware.

It should even be possible to migrate installed applications directly from the virtual machine into the real one, once you decide you trust an application and want to keep it.

Perhaps this is a feature mostly for “power users”, but since Microsoft owns the Virtual PC virtualisation package, it isn’t unrealistic to hope it might come to pass.

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