PCs Still The Number One Way To Access The Web

a new survey conducted by StollzNow Research (funky name, fellas). The results show that PCs still remain the most popular choice for Internet usage. 94% of the respondents said that they used their PC for accessing the Internet. In other words, only 6% have (totally) forsaken the platform and moved onto mobile devices. Devices like smartphone, which got a 69% response and tablets which gathered up 58%. Reading up articles and new stories about mobile computing and connectivity on the go, one may get an impression that we are fast moving towards the Post-PC era. But there, nevertheless, is a noteworthy difference in the ways people use mobile devices and regular PCs. And computers still command a dominant position for Internet users (which apparently make up a lot of the computer population), even though more and more people are using mobile devices in parallel with their PCs. Mobile devices come with a valid hype, but PCs still remain the king of the ring. And with less than stellar sales of Windows 8 all around, this at least provides Microsoft enough of a cushion to formulate more (and some would say better) strategies for its software and OS ecosystem. A cushion, it could very well make the most of.]]>

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