PCWorld review the Microsoft Surface Pro

PCWorld took a look at the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Here’s what they had to say:

Judged on sheer typing comfort, Surface Pro gives me pause. And if I had to buy a Windows 8 hybrid today, I’d lean toward the Lenovo Yoga 13 or Acer W700 because, for my needs, comfortable typing trumps Surface Pro’s small packaging and cool factor.

Surface Pro is superior to Surface RT on multiple levels. It’s also the world’s best pure Windows tablet (its keyboard accessories notwithstanding), and the Surface model I recommend. But the Windows 8 hardware universe has changed significantly since the Surface brand launched last October. We have many more options to choose from, and hybrid devices that offer more PC than tablet are looking like the machines that make the smarter compromises.

Give me more screen real estate, Microsoft. Give me a keyboard that I can type on all day. You’re getting so, so close to that sublime, perfect marriage of tablet and PC. Surface Pro isn’t the answer—but it comes close.

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