PEGI 18 Games WILL come to Windows Store after all

Windows 8 Update reported on how Microsoft was restricting access to certain games and apps in the Windows Store. Initially I reported that M-rated games would be covered in the ban, but later it was updated to reflect that only PEGI-18 games in Europe were getting the boot. For those of you that are in Europe, we have some good news: Microsoft has decided to change their minds. More than likely there were several app developers that gave them flack for the move and made Microsoft realize they could potentially be missing out on major revenue opportunities going forward. When are the Pegi-18 games making their way back into the Microsoft Windows Store? Unfortunately, not immediately. It sounds like it will take a little bit of time to work everything out and get these Pegi-18 releases ready again. From the sounds of it, the first “mature” themed games in Europe should arrive with a Pegi-18 rating sometime in December. This move in policy is very important. While Europe tends to be a little stricter on mature content than in regions like North America, there are still many Xbox gamers that love purchasing PEGI-18 rated games. The strong connection to the Xbox line is one of the biggest advantages that Windows 8 and RT tablets may have against Android and iPad competitors, so having full access to the same kinds of games you might find on the Xbox 360 is good news. Meanwhile, if you live in Europe and want access to PEGI-18 games now, keep in mind that your x86 Windows 8 devices are perfectly compatible with such titles directly through the desktop. [ source ]]]>

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