Petition Underway Asking Microsoft To Bring Back Aero For Windows 8

The Aero user interface (yeah, the glassy one from Windows 7) had an interesting end. Months before the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft ripped it off by confirming that they had moved beyond it.

In fact, Redmond went so far as to state that Aero was cheesy. Yeah, that’s the word they used.

But now users are asking Microsoft to bring back the Aero effects in a petition that tries to show the software giant that this is an important feature for its customers. As the petition states:

“Many millions of people have enjoyed the increased functionality and superb looks offered by the Aero Glass interface in Windows Vista and 7. To remove this feature from the otherwise-good Windows 8 is a real step backwards, especially to those who are not using 8 on a tablet or laptop. Please allow Aero Glass to be an option-as it was in Vista and 7-for those of us who would like to use it.”

The total signature count the petitioners seek here is pretty low — just a nice round figure of 100.

Regardless of that, Microsoft is pretty firm on the matter up till now. The company has revealed that it does not plan to make any changes to the way Windows 8 looks. Everything from the lack of Start button, to the design philosophy of the user interface is set to remain the same.

As things stand, this petition has a very slim chance of bringing any significant change in the new OS, at least officially from Microsoft. You can however check it out at the link above — if only for the reason of checking out some very interesting comments from supporters.

Or you may even want to sign it, if you miss the glassy interface of previous versions of the OS.

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