Your Phone Is Getting RCS Support

Your Phone App

Not your phone, but the Your Phone app! RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is an evolution of the traditional SMS and MMS messaging that we all know and love on phones.

It enables a range of new capabilities that were previously not available, with features that one might expect from modern messaging services.

You know, like no character limits, the ability to send higher quality images, as well as other types of files, read receipts, as well as seeing what the other person is typing. All stuff that is the norm on modern messaging platforms.

Speaking of modern stuff, a modern direction for Microsoft is strengthening its partnerships with other companies like Samsung.

Microsoft and Samsung have gotten a lot closer in recent months, with the software titan adding in exclusive new features on handsets designed by the South Korean giant. It started with the Link to Windows integration and then screen mirroring becoming exclusive to these phones.

Well, we now have something new in this regard.

As announced by Roberto Bojorquez, Group Program Manager at Microsoft, the upcoming Galaxy S20 family of smartphones will have the Your Phone app supporting RCS messaging — as long as the default SMS app on the phone is Samsung Messages.


Of course, these new Samsung phones are not available right now. But if you have preordered them, or plan to buy, then this is a neat little feature you can look forward to in the coming future.

You can download the Your Phone app via the Microsoft Store here.

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