Phones With Foldable Displays Are The Future, Says Microsoft

The patents are coming hard and fast, will the device itself, next year? Solid chance that we are getting close to the launch of the Surface Phone within the next few months now.

And that’s because we have been treated to a never-ending spree of rumors and patent details.

Of what is supposedly Andromeda, the codename for a device that many believe is the Surface Phone. A new patent that Microsoft recently filed, and was granted, provides an even clearer description of the technologies that might be implemented in this device.

Titled, “Hinge with free-stop function”, this patent is for a dual display device, at the very least. These are said to be coupled with a hinge mechanism that enables the display to rotate full 360° with respect to each other.

Several other features can actually be integrated with the technologies mentioned above, and the hinges apparently provide numerous advantages.

Microsoft actually mentions the increasing popularity of dual display devices as a reason for attempting to improve what it calls problematic hinges that are usually attached to such devices.

The mobile world has reached a point now, where increasing the size of mobile phone displays further means increasing the size of the phones themselves. Redmond says that this is neither desirable, nor comfortable, and the reason why foldable dual displays are set to gain importance.

In any case, it appears that the technology giant is ready to make another bet with a dual display Surface Phone launch in the near future.

It will certainly be a unique form factor for the Surface team, which has made a name for itself for doing the unconventional and exploring new designs. Whether such a design gains acceptance remains to be seen, but this much is certain that Microsoft will also have to deliver on the software front.

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