Photos Companion App Coming To iOS, Android

There are signs that Microsoft is readying a Photos Companion App for iOS and Android that will work like the Phone Companion App that has been a part of the Windows 10 roadmap for a while now.

It will work similar to that, only just for photos.

A reliable Italian blog claims to have access to an internal build of the Windows 10 Photos app that references the mobile application. It reveals that the Photos Companion App will let Android and iOS devices the ability to wirelessly sync their photos with the Photos app on Windows 10.

The process will require the devices to be on the same WiFi connection, and you will have to scan a QR code displayed on the Windows 10 PC for the transfer to begin.

All this is part of the enhanced focus on competing platforms that Redmond has now going for it. And due to this increased emphasis, there is speculation that more such applications could be headed to the Android and iOS platforms from Microsoft in the near future.

Judging by the screenshots, this app looks to be in an advanced stage of development, meaning more users will get access to it soon in order to help Redmond test it with various smartphones.

Hopefully, the company officially introduces it for everyone in the coming days.

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