Photos from the BUILD Blogger Bash

Bar Louie Tavern & Grill Level 2 Main Level 212 321 West Katella Avenue Anaheim, California Where we all gathered for the fabulous party – The BUILD Bloggers Bash This was an event that was organized by the biggest and best Windows bloggers on the planet today. Ed Bott – Mary Jo Foley Kip Kniskern – Marques Lyons – Ryan Lowdermilk – Travis Lowdermilk – Rafael Rivera – Paul Thurrott – Tom Warren – Long Zheng – It was a really great party with civilians, Microsofties and bloggers getting together to chat and joke around over beers. How does it get better? Anyway, I took a bunch of photos so you can get a feel for the evening. I’m too tired to label them all but you should get a feel for the evening. You can clink on the images and they expand so you can get a better look… Enjoy! [gallery link="file"]]]>

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