Plan Your Trip To The Clouds With This Free Service

Cloud computing does not remain just an industry buzz word. It is now both an ever-expanding reality, and an exciting new frontier for the tech industry. Needless to say, most people and businesses now recognize that cloud computing is a big deal. What they don’t always recognize are the utilization rates and costs associated with public cloud services — be it Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, or even the good old Windows Azure. That is until now. A new free service called Apptio Cloud Express aims to provide aggregated data helping IT executive and business owners track and plan the cost of optimizing their chosen cloud platform usage. Users can view their costs and also analyze any potential savings of shifting to either private or hybrid clouds. Users can register their accounts from third-party cloud service providers in Apptio Cloud Express, which after importing billing and usage data, provides its recommendations. The chief executive of Apptio, Sunny Gupta noted:

“We’ve captured the emerging best practices for analysing costs and performance across different types of cloud scenarios, and made that information broadly available to our customers. Now, IT leaders can spend less time manually validating data and more time confidently providing answers”.
It took its time coming, but an open service like this will definitely provide quite useful for businesses that are already deployed in the cloud to spend their time focusing on their business aspects, instead of fussing around with technology.]]>

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