Planning Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

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Focusing on how to plan and implement a Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure, this official study guide covers topics such as server roles and

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The Readiness Review Suite on CD, featuring advanced technology from MeasureUp, provides 425 challenging questions for in-depth self-assessment and practice.

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Although I did not have much time to study 70-291 Exam,I could concentrate my attention on books or practice when I

wanted to study.
1. Firstly, I started reading the MS Press book for the first time and made notes on relevant points that I could either forget or need to reinforce. I

managed to get the MS Press book down to around 150 pages of A4 note paper.
2. Then at the end of each Chapter, I would then install and use whatever I had learnt from the MS Press book, configuring it to mimic my working

3. Once I had finished the MS Press book, I then used CBT Nuggets. When I had watched the first objective video, I then took the Objective Exam in on the MS

Press CD. The purpose of this was to reinforce the oldest material that I had learnt.
4. I then rebuilt my whole entire Lab, to reinforce everything that I had learnt.
5. I then kept going over my Notes on a daily basis at work, during lunch, in the evening. Just a brief flick threw. Dont ignore this. It could help us a

6. The last of all I took the MS Readiness Review tests on a daily basis. Normally did around one a day for three days before the exam as not to get to many

questions repeated. Also in my limited experience so far, the MS Readiness Review free CompTIA practice tests has always been a lot harder than the exam.
7. Take the exam and just believe in yourself!

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