Plenty Of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 And Bittersweet Shimmer Features Leak Out

The upcoming Nokia World 2013 event in Abu Dhabi later this month promises not just a bunch of new handset and devices, but also the first official unveil of Windows Phone 8 GDR3.

And in case of Nokia smartphones, the codenamed Bittersweet Shimmer update.

While Redmond has been carrying on with its policy of sustained secrecy regarding what features its plans to add to its ever-growing mobile platform, there have been plenty of leaks that have indicated what Microsoft (and Nokia too) has been adding to the forthcoming GDR3 update.

This particular leak may be our biggest one yet, and it is full of juicy details.

WPCentral is claiming that the latest additions include a number of tweaks and enhancements that aim to make Windows Phone devices much more powerful — and user-friendly.

First up, and we have seen this before, is the support for 3 medium or 6 small Live Tiles for smartphones that feature capacitive touchscreens running the 1280 by 768 pixels resolution. Finally, I say, finally!

Another equally interesting addition is the ability to attach office files, perhaps one of the most requested of features.

Nokia has also been cooking up something special for its Bittersweet Shimmer update, including an improved Glance Screen functionality. Users will reportedly be able to choose from no less than 20 accent colors for the display.

These features are in addition to what we already know that is rumored to arrive with the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 (and Bittersweet Shimmer) updates. Things like support for full HD (1080p) resolutions, quad-core processors, screen rotation lock, Nokia Camera and a few others are set for arrival.

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