Pokki are seeing MASSIVE demand for the Start Menu in Windows 8

Pokki which released a Windows 8 Start menu replacement back in October today revealed that it had been downloaded 1.5 million times for Windows 8.

This data is yet another stark indication that there is demand for the Start Menu that Microsoft removed from Windows 8.

Well today, January 16, 2013, Pokki is releasing an update to the Pokki Start menu that will introduce a refreshed UI and new customization features.

New Features

  • *New* Refreshed UI: improved visual clarity, discoverability, and readability in the Menu.
  • Thinner Menu with more space now for more favorite apps in “home screen”.
  • *New* Light theme for the Pokki menu and notification banners. This will become the new default theme but users can switch between themes in the settings panel.
  • *New* Notifications panel moved to a drop down box for reduced Start menu width and easy access to alerts from your favorite apps.
  • *New* Improved search– quicker, more accurate for finding apps, programs, files, folders and websites.
  • *New* Easier access to Windows 8 settings and customizations including:
    • Boot to desktop;
    • *New* Change Pokki acorn to Windows logo as Start button icon;
    • Use Windows keyboard key to open Pokki Menu;
    • Disable all hot corners;
    • Set hot corner functionality;
    • *New* Customize Sidebar shortcuts;
    • *New* Show recently used apps.

You can check out the new Start Menu replacement and more at Pokki.com

Some Pokki images

Some Pokki App Images

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