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Power Options Will Be Included In Windows Blue Start Button

Well, well, well. Technology rumors are a funny thing, but it is always a great feeling to see good ones come true. Good ones like the return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue).

But while clicking on the included Start button in the upcoming version of the OS only takes users to the Start screen — instead of launching the familiarly classic Start Menu — news of another small menu recently popped up earlier this month.

Apparently, this new Start Menu was said to feature options like shut down, reboot and more.

Now a new screenshot that has just reached the web a few hours back shows this small menu that can be activated by right-clicking on the Start button. And it includes new power options to help desktop and laptop users quickly manage their computers.

It seems that Microsoft is indeed trying to bring some of the most used power options in this small new pop-up menu, thereby making it easier for users to shut down and restart their computers.

The main difference is that users that want to open this menu are required to right-click the Start button that has made the return to Windows. Obviously, the Start button is always visible when working in the desktop mode and hidden in the Metro UI.

But this is surely an option designed for traditional PC users and people who use the operating system on their desktop or laptop computers as well as tablet and hybrids that are powered by the full version of Windows 8.1.

This new option has, once again, been spotted in Windows Server 2012 R2, but should, in all probability, be offered in Windows 8.1 Preview as well.

Written by Hamid Khan

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