PowerToys 0.20 Comes With A New Color Picker


Microsoft has released a big update for its system utility. PowerToys 0.20 comes with a ton of quality improvements, plus new feature including an excellent new Color Picker.

This, alongside a bunch of fixes to Run, FancyZones, and overall performance improvements.

The last major update for PowerToys was version 0.18 that brought with it PowerToys Run and Keyboard Remapper. Since then, the firm has been serving up bug fixes through version 0.19. This latest release brings with it the addition of a new tool.

As the name suggests, the Color Picker lets you pick the RGB and HEX values of any color from a screen. It also lets you zoom into the preview to accurately pick the desired color, and can be accessed via the Windows + Shift + C shortcut.

PowerToys Color Picker

The feature was developed in conjunction with Martin Chrzan.

In addition to this, File Explorer can also render SVG icons. FancyZones can now snap to any number of zones, while the Keyboard Manager can now remap keys and gets support for app level shortcuts. There are also a few PowerRename improvements.

Redmond notes that the focus for this version was on bringing stability and quality fixes, while introducing the Color Picker.

The firm also addressed the long-standing settings bug, and has improved the OOBE experience.

You can head to the GitHub release page to download this latest version of PowerToys. It can also be deployed from within the application. The issues page, meanwhile, lists the commit history and any known issues.

Download: PowerToys 0.20

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