PowerToys is getting a Screen Ruler tool

August 12, 2022

The Microsoft PowerToys toolkit keeps getting better and better! The latest addition that Microsoft is working on is a Screen Ruler tool, with the utility designed to measure the distance between objects.

It will offer various modes, as you might expect.

A pull request in the GitHub repository of the app reveals the early details of the upcoming utility that will allow you to measure the pixel distance between objects on your screen. But apparently, it does much more than just that.

The PowerToys Screen Ruler features four measuring modes: rectangular area, crosshair, as well as vertical and horizontal distance to the nearest object. You will be able to change these modes using a small popup on the top of the screen.

Quite similar to how the Snipping Tool works.

PowerToys Ruler

Another handy feature is the ability to detect borders, buttons, and other parts of a user interface. This will allow you to get precise measures in without manually drawing lines between two elements.

As with other PowerToys tools, Screen Ruler comes with a dedicated and customizable shortcut to go with a few personalization options. Even as this early stage, the tool appears to be very well designed and feature packed.

PowerToys Ruler

A demo is available in its repository on GitHub that you can take a look at here.

According to PowerToys Lead, Clint Rutkas, developers are still implementing adjustments and performing other preparations before they are able to ship this measuring tool to the public. And since this is an open-source initiative, every developer can jump in and contribute to the project.

Well, as long as they have the necessary skills, that is.

This new addition should come in really handy for graphic designers, artists, frontend developers, and folks that have a need to measure various objects on their screens.

In other words, it rules!

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