Pre-Installed Software Reportedly Takes Up 45 GB On Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro is fast incoming, with only a few weeks or so remaining until February 9. By now most of you may already be aware of the technical specifications of the upcoming slate.

One thing Redmond has not cleared up till now is how much of the storage capacity is available to users, and how much the pre-installed stuff — including Windows 8 — takes up on the tablets. The new operating system usually requires around 20 GB on traditional PCs.

The company is also yet to update its Surface Storage FAQ section for the Pro model.

The latest word on the street is that pre-loaded stuff on the Surface Pro eats up no less than 45 GB of space, leaving (only) 83 GB of available space. This may not be too much of an issue with those that plan on getting the 128 GB luxury, but for people planning a 64 GB model?

Only 19 GB of available space, yikes!

For the sake of sanity, it is worth keeping in mind that Surface Pro comes with a USB 3 port that can be used to hook up external storage. And that’s not even talking about the extended capacity microSD card slot — a microSDXC card slot, to be technically correct.

Ultimately, this is a device that is built like an ultrabook, but positioned as tablet. And you don’t really see many ultrabooks with 128 GB hard drives, now do you?

At the end of the day these are shortcomings one has to live by. Do speak up using the comments section below, particularly if you are planning on the 64 GB model.

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