Prepare For An Onslaught Of Tablets With Plastic Casings

It stands to reason that cost is a defining factor for a lot of users. While many can (and will) drop hundreds of smackers to get their hands on a deluxe slate, others prefer to stay in the affordable side of the spectrum.

It is this factor that has played a part in the success of cheaper and more affordable tablets that come with a $99 to $199 price tag. Google and Amazon are pretty keen on such units, while Apple was forced to launch an iPad Mini, and Microsoft is said to be toying with the idea of a smaller slate.

Toying is the right word here, because for users accustomed to luxury of aluminum and metal cased devices, these cheaper plastic ones seem just that — toys.

But marketing expectations demand that such units be designed. And according to a new report over at the always-chatty DigiTimes, tablet casings are increasingly set to be made of plastic and other such alternative material.

Hardware makers are keen on substituting alumni and metal alloy chassis for anything cheaper, without affecting the overall build quality too much.

Reports indicate that Asustek, Amazon and Google all have quietly focused their attention on this new trend. Some vendors may soon reveal mainstream and entry-level models with plastic cases. Higher-end premium devices will most probably continue to include metal finishes.

No word yet on which route Microsoft will go with its rumored Surface Mini slate.

But chances are, the final price of the upcoming petite tablet will dictate Redmond’s decision. If it comes at a barebones $249 price then this is something Microsoft may consider. But if the new slate is more in-line with what Apple charges for its iPad Mini ($329 for starters) we may yet get a premium finish.

What about you guys? Are you comfortable with your technology devices coming in affordable build quality, even if it means good old plastic, or is metal more your thing? Comment and let us know.

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