Prepare For Even More App Updates From Microsoft Next Week

Microsoft rolled out a pretty comprehensive update for its core Windows 8 modern apps, bringing several improvements and enhancements. But that is not the full story it seems.

The company seems to be working on several other enhancements to its remaining apps, including the ones that come under the Bing label.

Three Modern apps (Mail, Calendar and People) received several much needed updates earlier today, and according to the always-reliable Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Microsoft is reportedly set to release updates for Weather, News, Sports, Xbox Music and other Windows 8 apps next week.

Redmond may even try and push these new updates before the month is out, but an early April release of these new enhancements seems more likely.

These updates are meant to bring a number of important changes just in time for the debut of Blue, the first major update for Windows 8.

Windows Blue is said to include several new features and significant improvements to the Modern apps, along with enhanced touch support and UI customization options, and it makes sense to give the core apps a new polish before the debut of the upcoming Blue iteration of Windows.

Microsoft has, in the recent past, promised faster updates to its core Windows 8 applications. As always user will need to head on over to the Windows Store to download these updated apps, once released.

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