Printing enhancements in Windows 8 – new developments for business

  • IT pros can use Hyper-V and fail over clusters of print servers to remove the need for special drivers. If one of the virtualized print servers fails, another automatically starts. In the event of a hardware failure, the virtual print server restarts on the next Hyper-V server in the cluster.
  • Print jobs that are sent from client computers running Windows 8 to a printer that is shared on a server running Windows Server 8 go directly to the local branch office printer. Print jobs do not have to first travel over the network to the remote print server.
  • Administrators no longer need to load different driver packages onto the print server for different client computer architectures. In addition, when the print server is running Windows Server 8, clients running Windows 8 don‘t need to download a driver to use a printer that works with the Windows Server 8 print driver model.
  • For those who don’t know, network printing administration can be a major pain in the ass. This will definitely help…]]>

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