You should probably skip KB4541335 – a Windows 10 update

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One Microsoft Windows optional update is causing chaos by rendering Windows 10 computers practically useless.

The latest culprit is the KB4541335 “quality” update, an optional update that, as usual, seems innocent and helpful.

Unfortunately is seems to be causing some problems out there.

Windows 10 KB4541335

Users are reporting a wide range from boot problems to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death or BSOD.

“My machine bricked all night and I had to unplug and roll back. Finally, after about 30 minutes it uninstalled and I could go to Settings and pause updates for a month. This is happening way too often,” one user wrote.

“This KB Update also slowed my PC,” another user said. As per one user, the update also causes Ethernet problems and some apps are failing to access the internet.

Those two scenarios effectively lock users out who can only hope that a system restore will get things back up. There are luckier users who are still able to use their computers but, due to significant performance impact, can also barely do so.

The good news is that KB4541335 is an optional update so you can safely skip it, at least for now. Sooner or later, though, Microsoft will make the update inescapable but hopefully not before actually fixing the new bugs it introduced.

If you’ve installed the update and your PC is experiencing performance issues, then your best bet is to uninstall it:

  • Go to the Start Menu and click the Settings gear.
  • Look for ‘Update & Security’ and press the Windows Update tab on the left side.
  • Click the View update history option and click the Uninstall updates link.
  • In Control Panel page, choose the KB4541335 update to uninstall it.
  • During the process, your PC will restart for one time and the update will be removed.
  • If your PC is still bugging out after uninstalling the patch, then your best bet is to reset the device from Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.

Have you experienced any of these issues with this update?

Let us know in the comments below.

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