Process Explorer hops in on the dark mode wagon

October 27, 2022

Hey, these days, having a dark mode is a feature not a fad. And Process Explorer is the latest to get in on this trend, as Microsoft has just updated this program with support for a dark theme.

Windows 11 itself is big on this.

And now, thanks to a new update for the Sysinternals toolset, Process Explorer is too.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this tool, then fret not. Most Windows users have not. It is part of the advanced system utilities that Microsoft offers on the Windows platform for administrators and developers to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose computers running the OS and the apps.

Process Explorer, as the name gives away, is a program that displays detailed information about each process running on your machine. You can use it to see which program is working with a specific file, folder, or dynamic link library (DLL).

Microsoft actually bills this as a must-have tool for gaining insights into how Windows applications work, tracking down DLL problems, handling leaks, and all that fun stuff.

Which is why this latest update gives it this sleek new look:

The latest version for Sysinternals brings Process Explorer v17.0 and Handle v5.0 into the mix.

And the changelog for this newest iteration of Process Explorer describes the new features and additions as:

“This update to Process Explorer, an advanced process, DLL and handle viewing utility, adds dark theme support, multipane view in the main window with a new threads pane, startup performance optimization and more.”

Should be great for those who stare at your screen all day, or work through the night, or even those proud owners of devices with OLED displays.

As for Handle, which is a tool for displaying information about open handles for any running process, this newest version adds support for CSV output with a new switch:

“This update to Handle, a tool that displays information about open handles for any process in the system, adds CSV output with a new -v switch and has an option to print the granted access mask with -g.”

You can download Process Explorer and Handle straight from Microsoft, while the company also has some good documentation available for the Sysinternals utilities here.

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