Professor Sinofsky Launches A Blog

The man may have left the party, but not the news.

Last month Steven Sinofsky announced on his Twitter account that he would start teaching at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts this spring.

He has now created a new personal blog, by the name of “Learning by Shipping”, where (in his own words) he aims to share thoughts and perspectives on product development, management and the process of bringing new products to market.

Interestingly, even though most people expect him to, he says that he will not talk about Microsoft. In his first post (appropriately titled Hello World), Sinofsky noted:

“The focus on this blog won’t be about specifics or the past regarding Microsoft, of course. Some topics might come from current events as the basis of more general posts. In previous blogs, most all of the topics came about through interactions across the team.”

Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft back in November without giving a reason, however insiders pointed out the growing tension between him and CEO Steve Ballmer was the cause for his departure.

Some even suggested he was criticized for disappointing sales of Windows 8 in the first few days on the market, which in turn lead to his oust, but this scenario is a tad hard to believe.

Anyway, even if he does not talk about his time at Microsoft, his new blog still promises to be a very interesting destination.

Click here to pay a visit to the “Learning by Shipping” blog.

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